July 9, 2012

NBA High Heels!

WOW! I am in heaven!


There's a really cool story behind how these gorgeous shoes came to be.  The designer grew up in SLC.  She designs shoes for a living.  One night her and her hubbie were going to an NBA game and he said she should make some shoes for it. She jokingly did it. And then posted a pic of the shoes on her personal website (once again as a joke). In two days she got 48,000 hits.  The NBA contacted her and told her they wanted to copyright her designs and give her full access to use the NBA logo's on her shoes. Beyonce even is seen wearing one of her designs in a magazine.

Go to this website and check them all out. I really want the blinged out ones, but my budget says I can only have the suede ones. Happy Shopping!

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