June 23, 2011

3 Step Blanket

Me and My Brother are having a dandy time creating.  So far we're getting pretty good with the whole 3 step blanket (or burpcloth).  I showed a few of my creations in a few posts ago (see here), but I realized I didn't explain the very simple process. Here goes...

Start with 3 pieces (2 cotton flannel pieces and 1 warm & natural liner) or 2 pieces if you don't need warmth or are using Cuddle (cuddle counts as one piece of cotton flannel and the warm & natural liner).  You can basically make them any size you want, just make sure all are the same size.

Layer the following way on a flat surface... Warm & Natural, cotton flannel with wrong side touching Warm & Natural, second piece of cotton flannel with printed side touching other printed side of 1st piece of cotton flannel.  PIN. PIN. PIN.

Sew both long sides and one short side.  On second short side keep an opening in the middle so you can turn fabric inside out.  If you are working with a blanket make sure the opening is a foot.  If you are doing a burpcloth you only need like six inches.

Turn inside out. Pull fabric through the opening.  Make sure once fabric is all turned out (so it actually looks like a blanket) to be sure to press out the corners so they are as close to being square as possible.  Now SEW a border around entire blanket.  I usually sew in 1/2 inch.  Close opening by hand with a running stitch.

EASY PEASY. If I can do it you can do it.

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