June 21, 2011

Diet Challenge- H2O

BodyRock changes up their diet challenge every few weeks.  Currently I'm working on the challenge of drinking more H2O.  For my weight I should be drinking approximately 65 oz of water a day or in terms I understand... 3 bottles of SmartWater a day.

Well... water gets boring. Face it.  Sometimes it's boring to just drink plain ol' water.  So I've been adding yummy NATURAL extra's to my water to make it easier to drink it all.


I need more *NATURAL* ideas.  When I say Natural I mean not like crystal light or other powders.  Do you add yummies to your water to make it easier to get in all your water for the day?


Nat said...

Honey dew and cantaloupe are good!

Brooke said...

and it sounds weird but celery strips w/ the cucumber is good, too!!