May 12, 2013


I did it.
I took a leap of faith.
I jumped in to the unknown.
I left my comfort zone.
I will fake it until I make it.
I am busier than I ever thought possible.
I love what I do.
And I haven't looked back.

After 12 years in the corporate world I did it. I left at the end of March. I left for a smaller paycheck, harder work, longer hours. But boy, am I happy. I put it out in to the universe last fall that I wanted to work in the world of animal advocacy. And it finally happened. Some days I have no idea what I'm doing. Or how I'm going to get it done. But somehow it all works out. And I am amazed. I have those hard days. The days I have to say goodbye. But I know that what I am doing IS making a difference. This work has put everything in to perspective.

Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. And always be awesome.

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