February 22, 2013

Wednesday Sunset Date: Barnaby

Who says shelters don't have puppies? 

sl pit crew

This is Barnaby.  He is a 5 month old blue pit bull mix. AND SO SQUISHY CUTE!!  K. and I took him out to the yard to check his behavior since he hasn't been released to the adoption floor yet (yes, that's how brand new he is).  He is super cute, super playful and I'm gathering super smart.  He caught on quickly that when we say sit and he sits he will get a treat.

Check out this video of him!

Barnaby will be available for adoption this Saturday at the SL County Pit Crew/SLCOaS adoption event at Petsmart on 3300 South 3100 East (11am-4:30pm). We will have lots of other adorable dogs with us for adoption!

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