February 14, 2013

Wednesday Sunset Date: Boss

I am pleased to introduce you to one of my favorite boys at 
Salt Lake County Animal Services... BOSS.  
Or as I like to call him, Bossy-Boo.

slco pit crew
   Picture compliments of Salt Lake County Animal Services.

I vividly remember the first day I met Boss this summer. He "looked" at me through his kennel door and his eyes said "Be my friendly lady."  And so I took him out in to the yard.  I wondered why he ran in to my legs, in to the door, in to the kennel walls. Of course I inquired and found out that Boss was loosing his eyesight.  So I started researching how to work with dogs that are going blind.  Scents and sounds were going to become powerful tools in helping this guy. He can always sniff out the treats I bring him. And I bring him the GOOD stuff, the really smelly kind!


If Boss were to place a "Single's Ad" for Valentines Day his stats would read:

*7 yr old handsome male 
*Wants to be your only furbaby 
*Loves belly rubs, cuddles and most importantly KISSES
*Searching for that special someone to take me on long walks and splash in the water
*Needs a little extra TLC to help me learn this new world around me


Every week we are learning new things about Boss.  One of the shelter staff took him home last weekend and learned that he is great with chickens and her young daughter, that he is housetrained and does well in a crate!  For now, Boss needs to be the only dog due to his failing eyesight.  Other dogs and cats have a tendency to sneak up on him and spook him.  He did well around small children, as long as they are respectful of his space.  Otherwise, little grabbing hands might also spook him.  

Best Friends Animal Society
Picture compliments of Best Friends Animal Society, January 2012

He has been in the shelter WAY too long (July 2012!).  I have been working on "Stop" with him at the shelter to prevent him from running in to walls, door when I am with him.  Blind dogs are just as awesome as seeing dogs! He needs someone who will love him for him and teach him how to keep being awesome in this new world without his sight.

Here is the video I took with him yesterday during our date.

And here he is on Channel 2 News Tuesday!  He really is our little movie star!

And here he is on Channel 4 News this week!

If you are interested in Boss, please come visit him at Salt Lake County Animal Services (500 W 3900 S).  

And of course, if you end up falling in love with him I will simply say "Told you so."  

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