October 10, 2011

Conquering Lake Blanche

A few years ago, a little mountain peak named Lake Blanche destroyed me.  I vividly remember stopping halfway through and telling Mister I could not go on and to go on without me.  With that being said I still somehow made it to the top.  Mister decided this year we were not only going to CONQUER Lake Blanche, we were going to do it with our backpacking packs on. Oh boy... A 3,000 foot climb in 2.8 miles. Let's talk about good times and LOTS of sweat.

lake blanche

 All smiles at the trailhead.

We made it to the top! Now we can set up camp and relax until tomorrow's not-as-bad hike down.

Mister loves to fish.

After sleeping in the smallest tent E.V.E.R. I was able to get up and enjoy the sunrise.

Did I just break my toe jumping off a rock with my heavy pack on? Probably. At least I'm still laughing. Besides, it's a good excuse for a rest on the way down.

We did it! I showed Lake Blanche who was boss.  Some random girl (no, I did not even pay her to say the following) coming up the mountain we passed on our way down said I was HARD CORE.  Yes, little me apparantely is HARD CORE. ha ha ha. Now, be a dear and pass me my nail file.

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Stacy said...

I am impressed! I agree with the girl- you are hardcore! Can I come next time? It looks pretty amazing.