September 21, 2011

National Dog Week

It's National Dog Week. In honor of this week, this is the story of how our {wolfpack} came to be.  It all starts with Sampson and Blue...

This is Buster & Lola's dog mom-Blue- and dad-Sampson. Both are pure-bread AKC registered. Check out his dad's creepy one blue eye.  If it weren't for that Buster looks EXACTLY like Sampson. See for yourself- put a finger over that one blue eye.

Try and pick out which one is Buster. Give you a hint. Right in the middle, brown face, taking up ALL the room, laying on his sister's head. Some things never change. This is Buster at 2 days old.

Lola 2 weeks

Lola 2 months, Buster 1 year

Of course you know what they look like today.

This May Moose came in to our family.

Buster was cool with him. Lola didn't want anything to do with him.

Guess what... times have changed.
And we are one big happy {wolfpack} family!

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Holly said...

I love the puppy pictures!