September 30, 2011

My Stylist Said What?

I LOVE volume in my hair. The bigger the better. I probably should live in Texas where it's perfectly acceptable to have BIG HAIR. I back-comb/tease my hair at the crown almost every day. And I've been doing so since I was 14. I'm 32 now. You do the math. I've got this down to a science.

So you can imagine my horror when my stylist told me last week that I have to cut down on all this back-combing business.  WHAT? LADY, YOU CRAZY. I have to have flat hair? She said I have to do it for the health of my hair.  My top layer of hair is damaged and needs to get all healthy again. Crap.

So I hid my comb.  And you know what... I never thought I could last this long, but it has been a solid week without back-combing. And I'm learning to embrace flatter hair. 

But then I see a picture like this and go... Oh, Yes, Please! Do you see all that volume! I bet she's not even wearing a Bump-It.  Now, where did I hide that dang comb?

1 comment:

Tarika said...

Just when you are putting away your comb, I am just finally figuring out how to do the back comb...but I only use it when I put my hair up. Good luck with flatter hair!