January 5, 2013

Nelson Family Camp

Last year our family started a new tradition:
Nelson Family Camp~ Adults Only.
This year we did a simple overnighter. 

 Pictures don't lie. Rumor has it that Mister is the cook in this relationship.  Mom captured it on film.
We do skits every year.  Dave/Shonte and Cathy/Jason and Holly helped with our skit this year.  It was our rendition of "Hello Mudda, Hello Father."  Growing up we heard this song all the time. Those are Dave's legs and Shonte's body and Cathy's legs and Jason's body.
Dad and I having an in-depth conversation about raccoons and how NOT to get eaten by them.
Playing SkipBo ~ a classic game in our family.
Love my sisters!
I love my family!

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