December 24, 2012

Wednesday Sunset Date

This week I debated who my sunset date post was going to be about and that's why this is a few days late.  I am working with some amazing dogs who each deserve to be recognized.
I would like to introduce you to Beyonce.  She is a beautiful, chocolate pit bull terrier mix, 4 years old.  Every time I walk to her kennel I start singing something of her namesake. I think she likes it.

She has a TON of energy.  For the first five minutes of all our sessions I let her do zoomies. It's so cute when I crouch down and call her name and she comes running at me full speed to give me a smooch. I know, I'm weird. Having a muscular dog running full speed at me and all I do is giggle.
 She knows sit and we are working on down. It's like a half-crouch, half lay kind of position.  She does great on the leash. I have yet to put the halti on her because as soon as I start to slide it over her muzzle she rolls on to her back for belly rubs.  And that's how our visits end.
Beyonce, like stated earlier, has a ton of energy.  She would do great in a home with an experienced dog person and/or someone who is willing to keep her training up.  Since her energy level is easily excitable and sometimes doesn't know when to stop with other dogs. Probably no small children so that they don't get plowed by her zoomies. I love this girl and know she will find that perfect human one day.

*Disclaimer~ These are only my experiences with Beyonce.  I encourage you to come meet her and see what your experience with this sweet girl is. She migth just crawl in to your lap and turn in to a huge snuggle bug.

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