December 13, 2012

Wednesday Sunset Date : Oakley


Oakley is a beautiful gray pittie! Her left ear is so cute and floppy. She is approximately 2 years and 8 months old.  Our date started out a little crazy. She has so much energy that once I leashed her up and brought her out of her kennel she tried running straight for the play gate door!  Once outside I let her zoom out some of that energy. She LOVES to play ball.  I got her to sit for me and started teaching her a new trick- "Touch." She was catching on very quickly (thank goodness for treats).  

I wanted to work with her on harnessing her energy through a halti.  A halti is a small face leash (I don't know how else to describe it) that applies gentle pressure to the top of her nose, like her momma would have done, when she needs gentle correcting.  In past experiences, most dogs are not thrilled when I put on the halti.  Oakley acted like it was no big deal.  She walked great with it on and we had a loose leash almost the whole time. I was even able to redirect her energy when we went back in to the kennels and I had her sit and wait before putting her back in.  

From what I have read and heard about Oakley from animal care staff is that she is in playgroup with other big dogs and does well. She does not do well with little dogs though.  Which probably means she would do well with kids over age 10 (not wee little ones).  She needs structure and a routine and I think she will flourish under that premise. Probably someone who is comfortable around strong willed dogs. Salt Lake County Animal offers low-cost training options to help Oakley blossom in to an amazing furry family member. If you are interested in meeting Oakley please go visit her at Salt Lake County Animal! Sorry my picture is a little fuzzy. She could see the treat in my hand when I told her to sit and her little head was moving.

*Disclaimer: These are simply my experiences with Oakley.  I cannot guarantee she will walk well for you on a leash, nor can I not guarantee she won't turn in to a big squishy love bug and immediately crawl in to your lap.

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