October 14, 2012


Strut Your Mutt consumed my life for a few months. Strut is a dog walk. There are human walks, might as well have a dog walk!

I was part of the outreach committee.

I handed out A LOT of flyers.

I sat at A LOT of tabling events.

But I got to meet my pitbull hero, Stevie, at Doggie Olympics. He's a blind pittie. Who is also a therapy dog. And pretty dang awesome. He goes everywhere, dispelling myths, giving kisses, changing opinions.

Stevie the Wonder Dog

I worked hard. I learned a lot. I made some fun new friends. I met(ie, hugged, kissed, petted) lots of new dogs. 

And most of all, I helped raise money that will save so many doggies.

And that makes it all worth while.

Strut Your Mutt

This is a picture of our Strut Your Mutt committee.
Can you tell we are excited it's over?!

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