March 6, 2012


I am not a big fan of heights.  Even worse though... mountain cliffs.  I do everything possible to avoid a mountain edge.  I don't look out the car window if the edge is on my side.  When hiking I stick closest to the mountain wall side. I just no likey.  So when Mister said we were going to hike Angel's Landing this past weekend during our stay at Zions National Park I thought, hey, at least I can try...

The first 2 miles is regular hiking.This can't be too bad, right?

  There's this part called Walters Wiggles.
 It's major switchbacks.

It's the last 0.5 that is insane.  There's a chain you have to hang on to because it's sketchy mountain cliffs.  Add snow to that mix and you've got a recipe for a Sandy freak out!

See the light rock behind my leg? Yep, not much there right? Right. I'm on a tiny little ledge.

Somehow I made it.  Almost cried once out of pure fear, but I locked it down. You can tell Mister had the camera 99% of the time. I had to focus on staying alive. I know, dramatic me.

Now, if only I had know how much scarier it was going to be on the way down I don't think I would be smiling in this final picture.

It's much easier to slip in the snow going down.  But I did it. I had a great cheerleader encouraging me on.  Actually, every hiker on the chain section was a cheerleader. We were all cheering and helping each other. I didn't look over the edge when we were on top, so I had to rely on the pics Mister took.

Next time though... I'll be sure there is no snow on the trail. And I'll pack a diaper. ha ha. Not.

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Brooke said...

You're my hero!! I love the pictures!!