November 8, 2011

Product Review: Mascara

I LOVE mascara!  I rarely leave home without it.  However, I'm very picky when it comes to mascara. I have tried a few brands this past year and now it's time to review so you too can decide for yourself!

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara

This is the one I keep going back to~ Good Ol' Standby.  It makes my lashes look fuller.  Easy to wash off with eye make-up remover. Stays on 8 hours. Have to reapply if I'm going out at night. Nice brush. I like. $14.
Two Thumbs Up!

Tarte gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara

I bought this when it was on special at Ulta. I got it for $10 (so I bought two!).  Nice brush. My lashes look full. It does not flake.  It stays on 10+ hours.  Easy to wash off with eye make-up remover.  I especially love the concept behind it.  Because of it's ingredients (click HERE to see them) the claim is that you will see healthier lashes in 3 weeks.  I have!! $19.
Two Thumbs Up!

Blinc Mascara

I received a sample of this mascara in my October Birchbox.  It "tubes" your lashes.  The major claim is that it does not clump, wear off, is waterproof without the damaging effects of waterproof mascara.  Click HERE for the exact description of what it is supposed to do. It's weird.  You don't wash off the mascara.  You pull it off in tubes. I like the concept, but when I tried it I do not like it. I even gave it three chances to grow on me.  It does not give you full lashes. Whimpy brush. No like. $25.
Two Thumbs Down.

CoverGirl LashBlast
Back in the day before I was focused on cruelty-free products I liked CoverGirl.  LashBlast was all the rage.  Drew Barrymore wore it so it had to be good. It claims to give you that ultimate big-lash look. HA. Not so. Skimpy brush that I did not like. $7.50.
Two Thumbs Down.

CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Waterproof
This was my absolute go-to for years! LOVED IT.  And I would still love it if CoverGirl was cruetly-free.  It stayed on for 8 hours, made my lashes look big and had a nice brush.  And was inexpensive. $7.50.
Thumbs down because of company philosophy.
Thumbs up due to how well it works.

I've got my eye on testing a few others (namely Sephora house-brand and Victoria's Secret house-brand), but that will have to wait for me to run out of the 3 I have in stock (1 Mary Kay Ultimate, 1 Tarte and the Tarte that I'm using right now)!


Holly said...

Helpful! Thank you!

Lisa said...

You should try the new MK Lash LOVE. Totally different than the Ultimate but I can't decide which one I like better. The brush is tiny but yet totally effective. Hmmm....