October 30, 2011

Journey Through Puerto Rico: Hidden Beach

Oh, Puerto Rico, how I miss your white sand and crystal clear blue water. Today starts my picture journey through Puerto Rico. 

Hidden Beach

 To access this little gem you take an unmarked road through thick brush and a bumpy unpaved road. 

We had this stretch of sand to ourselves.
No one in sight!

puerto rico beach

The water was crystal clear blue and the sand was white.  We think this might be a turtle nest beach because we saw little blue flags stuck in the sand randomly.  We were careful not to let Xena near those so that she would not dig up the nests.  Did you know that turtles come back to the same beach they were born on to lay their eggs? It's true.  That's why it is so important to protect turtle beaches.

The waves were big and would have been perfect for boogie boarding.
beach puerto rico

Next Up... Hang 10! Let's go Surfing!

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