June 14, 2011

The Government Did Something Right?!

Yes, I said.  The Federal Government finally got it right. 

Remember that awesome home buying incentive the government offered last year to entice people to buy before April 30, 2010?  I do!  That's why the Mister and I looked so much for a new home (let's not forget the madness of remodeling that followed). 

Long story short, our friend the Fed Government has given us the run around for MONTHS on paying up the $8000.  Well... guess what came yesterday...


Where did that extra $*** (a few extra hundy) come from?  Hold on tight...The government paid us interest on the $8k!

Pick your jaw up off the ground.

So today my friends, I am pleased to announce that the federal goverment finally did something right.

What are we going to do with that moolah??

Mister said we could pay my off my babyX. WAHOO!

And I will be making a new friend with the initials P.R.  Gonna go visit my slushy sis, her man and her monster puppy.
Words cannot accurately express my excitement!!!

Thank you Mr. Big Brother Federal Government :) You are A-OKAY in my book today and probably for a few months until you do something dummy.

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Tarika said...

Holy cow! This is so awesome!!! Have so much fun on the trip. When are you goin???