April 10, 2011

Welcome to My New Frontier

I know, silly title, but it's fitting.  First, I'm glad you've come to check out the new space!  I thought it would be easier and smarter to keep my two blogs separate, but then it dawned on me... Why? It's all part of my life so I might as well keep it all together.  Instead of just posting all my creative ventures on to my "regular life" blog I've started a new chapter of my life, so let's start a new blog where I'm focusing on that "new frontier."  And I think my life is pretty great.  As a matter of fact I think my life is a story with living and sharing. So here it all is.  Me talking about whatever I find interesting, creative, beautiful, weird.

Like Julia Roberts said in "Eat, Love, Pray" ~ I've gotten my appetite back.

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